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‘Nightcrawler’ Review: One of the Best Movies of the Year

Nightcrawler” is a blistering film, a look into the dark underbelly of modern news gathering. With a positively animalistic portrayal by a gaunt Jake Gyllenhaal, this directorial debut by Dan Gilroy packs a powerful punch.

A nocturnal LA noir, the film uses a charismatic anti-hero to both entertain and repel, a balancing act that’s far too uncommon in movies these days. An action movie with big ideas behind it, “Nightcrawler” is absolutely one of the best films in an already crowded year of good movies.

What’s with Gyllenhaal’s appearance?
In order to get the desiccated look (borrowed …

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The 31 Best Action Movies on Netflix Right Now

best action movies netflix

When you’re in the mood for an action movie, Netflix has plenty to stream. Great, except that so many of their action titles are no-name, forgettable schlock. So we’ve done some of the heavy lifting by highlighting the best of the best currently available in the genre. Who do you want to see duke it out? Take your pick, from gangsters to gladiators, robots to ninjas, schoolkids to superheroes.

Cue that suiting-up pre-battle montage and start streaming, because here are some of the best action movies Netflix has to offer. (Availability subject to change.)

1. “13 Assassins” (2010) R…

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J.K. Rowling’s Halloween Treat? New Harry Potter Stories!

It doesn’t matter if you’re dressed up as your favorite muggle, witch, or wizard – you’re all getting a big Halloween treat in the form of six (!) new stories by original “Harry Potter” author J.K. Rowling that are appearing exclusively on her sprawling Pottermore website. Yes, this is very exciting indeed.

These stories aren’t exactly the most illustrative things (we were secretly hoping for a new adventure about Ron and Hermione’s visit to the nearest muggle water park, but, alas, our prayers still went unanswered). Still: if you want to know some detailed backstories about various magical beings, …

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David Cronenberg on ‘Maps to the Stars’ and Whether or Not It’s His Last Movie

Canadian director David Cronenberg never ceases to deliver unpredictable, buzzworthy films.

His latest venture, “Maps to the Stars,” is no exception. “Maps” follows a bunch of Hollywoodites who are searching for fame in their own individual ways — and underneath it all is a (very) dysfunctional family drama.

Moviefone Canada spoke to Cronenberg about this project, and the filmmaker talked openly about choosing specific actors for his movies, why “Maps” has been described as a “fever dream,” and whether or not this will be his last film.

Moviefone Canada: John Cusack has described this movie as a “fever

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Daniel Radcliffe Facts: 17 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About the ‘Horns’ Star

Daniel Radcliffe Facts

Ever since becoming a wizard at the age of 12, Daniel Radcliffe has been an international star.

Seemingly tailor-made for the role of Harry Potter, the young actor went from complete unknown to superstar overnight — and he’d barely hit puberty. Since his days in the blockbuster franchise, Radcliffe has starred on Broadway and in indie movies, earning critical acclaim and shedding his child star image along the way. This fall, the (still) young actor stars in the devilish “Horns.”

From “The Simpsons” to his connection to Charles Dickens, here are 17 things you probably don’t know about Daniel Radcliffe.…

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Watch Sofia Coppola’s Insanely Charming Holiday Gap Ads (VIDEO)

If it’s someone you would peg with getting the assignment to direct a quartet of heartwarming holiday ads, chances are your mind wouldn’t immediately leap to Sofia Coppola, the Coppola daughter responsible for such wonderful (if somewhat gloomy) films as “Lost in Translation,” “The Virgin Suicides,” and, most recently, “The Bling Ring.” But, defying convention, Coppola has authored four spots for the mall staple (seriously – if the Gap ever goes out of business, will there even be malls anymore?) and they are all super charming and wonderful.

The ads are only tangentially holiday-related (those sweaters), the best of which …

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‘Horns’ Review: 10 Things You Should Know About Daniel Radcliffe’s Devilish New Movie

Horns Review

This year, the cinematic landscape is suffering from a staggering lack of scary movie product. Instead of the usual “Paranormal Activity” installment, we’ve got a limp haunted board-game movie in “Ouija” and a tenth anniversary re-release of the first “Saw” movie (a film that inspired countless sequels, another staple of Halloween that has evaporated by thinly mixed fake blood). But fear not! There is one late-entry scary movie, opening on Halloween day no less — French filmmaker Alexandre Aja’s “Horns.”

Based on a novel by Joe Hill (whose daddy, it should be noted, is Stephen King), …

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Attention, Loki Lovers: Tom Hiddleston to Star in AMC Miniseries with Hugh Laurie


British actor Tom Hiddleston is set to make his live-action American television debut in a new miniseries based on a John le Carré novel.

Hiddleston, who charmed Marvel movie lovers as the villainous Loki in “The Avengers” and “Thor,” will star in AMC’s “The Night Manager,” alongside fellow Brit Hugh Laurie. The twisty plot description, per The Hollywood Reporter:

Night Manager follows Jonathan Pine, a British soldier turned luxurious hotel night auditor. Pine crosses paths with a French-Arab woman named Sophie with ties to Richard Onslow Roper, an English black marketeer who specializes in weapons. The woman provides Pine

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Weekend Movies & TV: ‘Nightcrawler,’ ‘Saw,’ ‘Olive Kitteridge,’ & More (VIDEO)

Weekend Watchlist: 'Nightcrawler,' 'Saw,' 'Olive Kitteridge,' & More

This weekend, Jake Gyllenhaal stars as an obsessive crime journalist in the Dan Gilroy thriller “Nightcrawler,” the gruesome horror favorite “Saw” is getting re-released in theaters for its 10th anniversary, and Frances McDormand, Bill Murray, and Richard Jenkins star in HBO’s new miniseries “Olive Kitteridge” about a placid New England town that is actually wrought with illicit affairs, crime, and tragedy.

Also in theaters this weekend:

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Seth Rogen & Jessica Chastain May Join Steve Jobs Biopic

Seth Rogen Visits

According to a new report, both Seth Rogen and Jessica Chastain are being pursued to join the upcoming Steve Jobs biopic — with Rogen earmarked for the high-profile part of Apple’s co-founder.

TheWrap writes that the “Jobs” production wants Rogen to play Steve Wozniak, who co-founded the influential computer company with Jobs in the 1970s. According to the report, Chastain is “being courted for an unspecified role.”

The site also notes that “neither Chastain nor Rogen have deals in place,” but Rogen is currently in talks for the Wozniak part. They’d join the recently cast Christian Bale, who’s playing …

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