Where to Locate Puppy Accessories at Times When Quality Makes a Difference

Like any individual which resides in New York can certainly testify, appearances, and thus style, counts. A great deal of the way in which we are thought of is dependent upon how we bear and conduct ourselves, the garments we wear, the extras all of us carry, how we embellish our own residences, and so […]

Find The Funniest Kitty Clips Online

While the internet is usually used in researching, keeping up with family and friends, and even watching films or perhaps tv programs, there is one feature that has been available for quite some time, that everybody loves. Those are the millions of video clips which usually highlight lovely cats and kittens truly being funny or […]

Anna Kendrick Facts: 23 Things You (Probably) Don't Know About the 'Into the Woods' Star

Anna Kendrick Facts: 23 Things You (Probably) Don’t Know About the ‘Into the Woods’ Star

Anna Kendrick is one of the most versatile and brightest actresses in Hollywood today. The young star got out of the gate in a hurry, earning her first Tony Award nomination before she was even a teenager. About a decade later, Kendrick added an Oscar nomination to her resum√©. Her performance in “Up in the […]

Military Movie Mistakes From Your Favorite Cinematic Battles

Military Movie Mistakes From Your Favorite Cinematic Battles

There’s no way around it: battle sequences are tough to film. First, just capturing the mere scale of the battles is a challenge, then you have to get all the technical aspects and military minutiae down. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg. When all the hours of footage are shot, filmmakers still have […]

Genuine Protection and Value From Momentum Warranties

If you are going to own a vehicle, you need to do what you can to protect the investment. This is why purchasing a warranty along with your vehicle is a must. These services keep you protected from the unpredictability of being out on the road. This unpredictability can be a variety of things from […]

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Do the Dougie in New 'Wedding Ringer' Trailer

Kevin Hart and Josh Gad Do the Dougie in New ‘Wedding Ringer’ Trailer

Having a fake male best friend is all the rage. That’s the premise behind “The Wedding Ringer,” starring Josh Gad and Kevin Hart. It was also done much more creepily on “Saturday Night Live,” in their “Grow-a-Guy” sketch. A new trailer for “Wedding Ringer” gives more details on just exactly how Gad and Hart become […]

Jason Schwartzman Can't Decide What His Favorite Tim Burton Movie Is

Jason Schwartzman Can’t Decide What His Favorite Tim Burton Movie Is

Tim Burton’s “Big Eyes” is about a lot of things. It’s about Margaret (Amy Adams) and Walter (Christoph Waltz), artists who popularized mass-market prints (Walter claimed he had created the artwork when Margaret was actually doing the painting). It’s about the commercialization of art. And it’s about the public perception of said art — critics […]

'The Interview' Unscripted: Seth Rogen and James Franco (VIDEO)

‘The Interview’ Unscripted: Seth Rogen and James Franco (VIDEO)

With “The Interview” finally heading to theaters, there’s no better time to introduce Seth Rogen and James Franco‘s episode of Unscripted to the world. In this installment, Rogen and Franco discuss everything from potential Internet-breaking stunts to Seth’s dream bro-date. It’s not to be missed. “The Interview” is in select theaters Christmas Day.

Weekend Movies and TV: 'Into the Woods,' 'Black Mirror,' & More (VIDEO)

Weekend Movies and TV: ‘Into the Woods,’ ‘Black Mirror,’ & More (VIDEO)

This weekend, Meryl Streep and an All-Star cast reimagine classic fairy tales in the musical “Into the Woods,” and the acclaimed BBC series “Black Mirror” gets a holiday twist featuring Jon Hamm in “Black Mirror: White Christmas” on DirecTV at 9:30 p.m. Christmas night. Also in theaters this weekend: Directed by Angelina Jolie, “Unbroken” tells […]

'The Interview' Might Be Coming to YouTube on Christmas

‘The Interview’ Might Be Coming to YouTube on Christmas

Can we borrow Santa’s NORAD tracker to keep tabs on where and when “The Interview” will be screening? The latest news is that YouTube and Sony are in the process of making a deal to stream “The Interview” online on Christmas, the same day it will premiere in independent theaters across the US. (Check out […]